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Using Master Item in expressions

We are using QSDA Pro (version 1.5.3) and I faced with more that 100 of errors like:
The expression failed validation. The error is: Bad field name(s) “Field_Name” .
After conducting various tests, I came to the conclusion that the error is due to fact that I am using the master items in the calculation. On screenshot below example from test app, where i created Master Item = Test1 and use this master item in the KPI expression. After that run the QSDA Pro and that gives me an issue below:

As I understand it, QSDA tries to find the name Test1 in the tables and does not find it, and therefore shows this error. Please tell me this is a bug and how can I deal with it?

Thanks in advance!

KPI Expression looks like:

That is strange. Test1 should be recognized as a Measure if you are using a version of Qlik Sense that allows Measures in expressions. The expression edit screenshot you posted shows that Measures are allowed. Is QSDA analyzing this app from the same server you posted the edit screenshot from?

Please open a support ticket at https://support.easyqlik.com and attach the Collection export (Admin > Collection List > row menu Export)


Hi Rob - Even after the upgrade the above mentioned problem exists.

Can you please advice?


The false syntax error is a bug in the Qlik Sense Feb 21 release. It should go away after you update Qlik Sense to later release.