With tab "Tables" I can't see if each field is used or not

Hi @rob

These days I was debugging a lot of apps and for me was very important to know all fields by table and if these fields were used or not.
To know all fields by table was possible via Tab “Tables” however, to know if these fields were used I had to check one by one in Tab “Fields”. In that Tab, QSDA shows us all existing fields but it doesn’t include the table.

So, is there any place where we can see: tables, fields and if they’re used? Everything in the same view.

Thanks in advance


On the Fields page, you can add “Tables” as a column using the View > Choose Columns menu.

I will look into adding “Field Used” on the Tables page. That might be useful.


I have to apologize because I didn’t try “View” option. For what it’s what I need. Thanks