Would like to know what does the column use count mean in Variables tab

Hi Rob,

I would like to know on the variables tab in QSDA Pro what does the field “Use Count” represent - We are trying to assess apps for unused variables in Qlik Cloud as when we export data from Qlik cloud if variables count is beyond 1110 it throws the error . Hence would like to know in QSDA variable tab if use count = 0 does it mean we can remove that variables as it is unused ?

Can you please help clarify the above? Additionally if variables are not used in Qlik Sense but used in NPrinting how do we know if its actually used or not

This is the help document link limitation : Working with sheets | Qlik Cloud Help

We would like to clean up unused variables and hence would want clarification on the same

“Use Count” is how many times that variable is referenced in the UI of the application. For example, as a measure expression or a chart property like a calculation condition. A variable nested in another variable will be counted as used only if the containing variable is referenced in the UI. For example, consider theses two variables:

vReturns = Num(Sum(Returns), ‘$(vFormat)’)
vFormat = ‘#,##0

If vReturns is not used in the UI, then both vReturns and vFormat will have a Use Count of 0 (assuming vFormat is not used elsewhere).

If vReturns is used in a chart measure, the Use Count for both vReturns and vFormat will be incremented by 1.

QSDA does not check if a variable is used in the script.
QSDA does not check if the variable is used by NPrininting or other product.


Thank you Rob for this explanation

Hi Rob Good day I have another clarification on the variables tab in QSDA PRO:

Say we have an app which is using variables of the below types :
a) Created on Script load editor
b) Created on the UI of the app
c) Importing variables from Excel into the app ( i guess this could be considered as varibales created in Script load editor as well )

Does the variable tab list all these types of variables or is there a type which the variables tabs don’t list in QSDA PRO

All of those variables should be listed in the Variables tab. This should be the same set of variables you see in the variable overview in Qlik Sense.


Thank you Rob for this response we will validate and update if we have more queries